Honest. Straightforward. Solution-oriented

I've been a librarian for most of my adult life, which has been a remarkable training ground for city government. I bring almost two decades of experience educating and engaging adults, doing community organizing, and managing change, budgets, plans, people, and competing visions.

I've lived in seven states pursuing that career, with a final stop in the southeast. While university administration used all my talents, I realized almost immediately that Reno had become my home. I quickly returned and for the time in my life, I put down roots.

I've loved many of the places I have lived, and often thought I would move back to one or the other some day. But none laid claim to me, body and soul, the way Reno did. I am not a native Nevadan, but I love Reno and Nevada, and I am Battle Born and proud to realize that this amazing place has claimed me as its own.

I'm a renter. I've been a renter for 28 of the 30 years since I left the dorms. I've rented in ten cities, at a wide variety of income levels. Housing—and I see this as at least four distinct housing crises—is what compelled me to run. Reno has to work for all the people who live, work, retire, and visit here. Without a smart housing balance we cannot thrive.

We need a renter on City Council. Being a renter is not the only quality I will bring to City Council, but I am the only one bringing it. I hope you will support me as I work to represent Ward 3, and all of Reno in all it's diversity, on City Council.


Rudy Leon for Reno City Council Ward 3


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