The right housing balance, and policy-based solutions

I've been a renter for almost all of my adult life. The situation in Reno is scary! We need innovative approaches to the housing crisis. Urban infill, taller buildings, mixed-use buildings in our urban core-- we have to explore it all. And we must incentivize the construction of the kinds of housing that will move us toward solutions and not exacerbate the current crisis.


Police Reform. Reno Reform.

I stand against racism. I stand against police violence. I stand with all allies in fights against injustice. I stand with Black Lives Matter.


Let's grow intelligently

Reno has grown explosively quickly, and all experts say that won't be slowing down in the next decade. How will Reno, and the region, house more than 120,000 more people? We have to plan for, and build for that future. Let's do it smart. Robust public transport, central cores, walkability, bikeability, and planning that recognizes we can't build on our precious floodplains—we need to grow with these in mind.


Better law enforcement training is essential

Too few rapes make it to court, and our law enforcement displays an unacceptable lack of understanding about sexual violence. This must change


And more of them

We have made headway in the last few years in bringing more manufacturing and data center work to the area. I will work with EDAWN, UNR, and other partners to identify what we need to do in order to bring more high-paying professional and other jobs to the area. We must bring up Reno's average household income—and we have the talent to do it.


An issue that effects all of us

The rise in homelessness has reached crisis stage in Reno, and is poised to get much worse. We must use what little money we have (and are already spending, ineffectively) to provide long-term solutions, backed by policy-based and Housing First solutions.

The unhoused in Reno are Reno residents, and they are residents in crisis. Providing needed services to residents in crisis is the job of government. And all of our lives are improved when those most in need are provided the assistance they need.


Rudy Leon for Reno City Council Ward 3


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